Welcoming visitors is what we do

Tourism on the Coast needs to move beyond the manipulation of a visitor’s journey.
Changing travel and transport timetables so people have to stay a night or more; moving buildings so that people have to do something or other; laying out buildings so people have to walk this way or that. Each have a place but no place being the way we welcome a visitor.

A visitor might choose to come or by fate end up here. Whatever the reason, a warm welcome is the way to go. Anything else is just manipulation and profiteering at best. Economic development strategies and projects must honour this fact. Good businesses already know this.


Two ears and one mouth

It seems to be the season for business cases, action plans and strategies to help spur life back into the local economy. Many of these plans include data mostly sourced from Statistics New Zealand or organisations with similar skills and expertise …

Small town museums: valuing our heritage

Heritage collections on display in museums, galleries and retail spaces can often contribute more to the local economy. In other parts of the world, even within heritage communities the debate has included the decision to close the doors on small town museums, https://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2014/08/09/the-great-historic-house-museum-debate/jzFwE9tvJdHDCXehIWqK4O/story.html but there’s more to it than simply charging a different admission price or moving to a better location on the street (both of which will more than likely not ensure the survival of a collection).

Pensioners getting ‘internet-savvy’

AUT report, Internet Trends in New Zealand 2007-2015, reveals more elderly are becoming confident in their ability to use the internet.

Internet NZ chief executive Jordan Carter said the findings show improvement is needed to get more people online. He is particularly concerned about groups of low income, Pasifika descent and those who live rurally.

“We are still concerned about the digital divides relating to household income, location and ethnicity groups.”

A large divide exists between high and low household income groups with 31 per cent fewer people in low income households using the internet than high income households.

Regional Mid-sized Tourism Facilities Grant Fund

Recently, Grey District Council, won funds that will support the facilities of the Cobden Aromahana Sanctuary Recreation Area, just across the river from greymouth’s CBD. For information about the sanctuary, go here.

How the fund works? Criteria and details of how to apply can be found, here.

To see a copy of Grey Distirct Council’s successful application, go grab this dropbox file here.

Round here

“What’s it like around here?” If you we’re applying for a new job, looking to move neghbourhoods or to a…