By 2025, the Grey District will be a progressive, growing, vibrant province, renowned for its people, culture, talent, environment and desirable location.

Perceptions about a region can impact on economic development as they may play an influential role on decisions such as where to live, invest, work and visit. The Grey District Council commissions annual independent research to determine perceptions about the Grey District amongst residents annually as part of the Resident Satisfaction Survey.

The Community Economic Development Strategy HERE adopts a long-term outlook for the Grey District and underpins the region’s growth aspirations of a population of 15,000 people by 2025.

Community led development – partnerships Council, in conjunction with the community, has identified actions and projects to stimulate growth in the District. Reliance on traditional funding sources alone will be insufficient to fund the investment needed. There are a number of organisations and individuals within the community who wish to contribute to the development and vibrancy of the District. The Partnership Programme Policy provides an opportunity for such contribution to occur in a mutually beneficial manner.

The principles of the Policy are:

Council recognises there are people/organisations within the community who wish to contribute to community economic development projects.

Council recognises there are people/ organisations with special skills.

Contributions should be based on reason and ability to give, i.e. fair share giving by investment partners.

Council recognises it has various roles in the development of facilities and amenities in Greymouth and the District.