Kitchens that incubate and accelerate business

The New Zealand Food and Beverage market is a big deal, NZ$30+Bn and nearly 50% of total exports! Of course there’s a fair amount of diary and lamb in there but Kiwi brands are often viewed very positively by consumers in overseas shops and marketplaces. Indeed, it’s expected that exports will more than double and possibly even triple over the next 15 years. There appears to be a lot of opportunity to explore how New Zealand is perceived by overseas buyers, wherever they may be.

While the ‘number 8 wire’ mentality is debated, there’s little debate that we do like the story that goes with it, in fact we go out of our way to celebrate it – the David Awards or stories like AJ Hackett.

Most of us have access to a kitchen to try out a first few prototypes (mine want be Pavlova!) and its very much like the garage, perhaps more towards the chemist than the engineer and well away from any gender stereo types should be an attractive place for anyone to venture into their first or twelfth venture!

Do you have or know of a commercial kitchen that goes unused at times?

Might future commercial kitchens be designed to be rented out to other aspiring food business owners?

What might an open commercial kitchen need to look like for you to start cooking up a new business?

A local food map is currently being discussed at Incredible Edible West Coast, check out the map  – we might all add in our own local food knowledge, including those commercial kitchens for hire!

Need some inspiration and how kitchens are serving up hot start-up businesses? Check out this kitchen-incubator.

The food and beverage investors guide from MBIE provides some basic information, useful if you have plans to export or wish to talk to investors, partners or suppliers about your idea or business.

Starting a retail or wholesale food business? Here’s some of the regulations you’ll likely need to meet and these local bylaws.

Happy chemisting cooking!


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